Welcome to Westover Hills UMC!  Whether you are new to “religion” or are a lifetime follower of Jesus Christ, you are welcome to join in worship, fellowship and learning opportunities, and service to others as together we seek to be the change that the world so desperately needs.  Our community is a mix of young singles and couples, with and without children, most of whom are relatively new to the congregation, along with a number of senior adults who have been here most of their lives, and a few in between!  We range in political views, in our knowledge and understanding of the Bible, and even in our thoughts on certain topics of faith, but we genuinely love each other, and seek to live by the example of Jesus, who welcomed people from all walks of life, who offered healing and hope, and who challenged others to live a life that would glorify God.  We are not perfect (I know I am not!), but we know a God who is.  We seek to grow closer to God and to each other every day.  If you have questions about our beliefs and practices, or if you have any need where we might be of assistance to you, please contact us at (804) 232-1769.  We can’t wait to meet you!!



Pastor Donna

Our Staff
Donna Holder
Senior Pastor
Dorothee Tripodi
Affiliate Pastor 
 Matthew Spangler
Director of Music
and Worship
Adria Killbreath
Director of Ministry to Children & Youth
Nicole Timms
Director of Community Engagement
Michele Zipperer
Preschool Director