Camp Do Good
Come join us for a fabulous fun week at Camp DO GOOD: Doing good for our community, doing good for others, doing good for the world.  
Students grades K-5 will participate in exciting activities including: creative arts, visual arts and crafts, strategic thinking, creative movement, singing, playing instruments, science experiments, communication skills, a small service project, nature walks, cooking, storytelling, movie time, trivia games and a final share for the parents at the end of the week.

This week we will dive into all things growing! Trees, flowers, animals, humans. How does it grow? Why does it grow? How does growing feel? What do things need to grow? These themes will be explored through fun songs, playing handbells, outdoor activities, planting things, going to visit the Apiary, art activities and more!


Dates: June 26-29

Location: Westover Hills United Methodist Church, 1705 Westover Hills Blvd. 23225
Grades: K-5
Time: Mon-Thu 10am – 1pm
         Fri 9:00am-3:00pm (final share @3pm)

Cost: $100