indoor Gathering Guidelines
Indoor Non-Worship Gathering Guidelines for
Westover Hills United Methodist Church
Effective March 22, 2021
As the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church continues to operate within the gathering guidelines of Stage 2 as outlined in the Technical Assistance Manual (TAM), Westover Hills United Methodist Church will allow and encourage indoor gatherings as follows:
• Indoor Gatherings of not more than 10 people must be schedule seven (7) days in advance through Nicole Timms, who can be reached at or (804)232-1769, Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. A reservation form is also available on the church website
• Indoor Gatherings of not more than 10 people may be scheduled for the following locations:
o Social hall
o Chapel
o Sanctuary
o Parlor (due to smaller square footage, for groups no larger than 6)
• Face coverings, covering both nose and mouth, are required.
• Participants will be asked to bring their own hand sanitizer.
• Participants will be instructed not to wander elsewhere in the building.
• Health Requirements will be clearly communicated to all potential participants. Participants will be asked to monitor health at home before attending any event on church property.
• Group leader is responsible for keeping a copy of the Health Acknowledgement Poster visible during group gatherings, for asking walk-up participants to confirm that they meet the standards listed on the Health Acknowledgement Poster, and for ensuring that no more than ten people are at gathered in the space at any one time.
Note: It is very important that all participants self-monitor for COVID-19
symptoms (e.g., fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, cough, shortness of
breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, sore throat, headache, muscle pain,
gastrointestinal issues, chills, and new loss of taste and/or smell). If any
symptoms appear, the person cannot attend the gathering.
• For gatherings with children and youth, Safe Sanctuary (Child Protection Policy) guidelines are to be followed.
• Maintain a distance of 6 feet apart per person. Family members can sit together.
• Use Office door. The crash bar or handicapped accessibility button may be used for exit. Group leader should make an effort to have the door open when attendees arrive to minimize contact with door surfaces.
• No food will be consumed indoors at this time. Participants may bring water to drink.
• Restrooms may be accessed if needed. Restrooms are individual rooms, not stalls. Sanitizing cleaner will be located inside each restroom.
• Remember to maintain distancing of 6 feet while entering and exiting vehicles.

For questions concerning these guidelines, contact Carter Younger or Dr. Kelsey Salley,, or contact the church office using information listed above.

VAUMC Guidelines are found here.