We have much to be thankful for – we are back in person for worship, our building is full of activity with our ministry partners, and we are expanding our engagement with our community.  Our stewardship campaign for 2023 is well underway and our theme for this year is “Purpose, Passion, Possibilities: Now is the Time.”  Corinthians 6:2 states, “Now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”  The leadership of WHUMC believes this applies to us in this time of positive change and renewal.  Our Leadership Board has spent much time and effort discerning what God is doing in this new time of opportunity for us, and what is God calling US to do in response.  When we remember our purpose and allow the Holy Spirit to ignite our passion, everything is possible!  Please reflect on this theme as you prayerfully consider your financial commitment to the church for 2023.


As you are likely aware, over the past few years we have completed substantial renovations to our church facilities (commercial kitchen, fellowship hall, meeting spaces, etc.), investing just under $1.5 million.  These renovations have made possible a thriving preschool, a strong partnership with Tablespoons Bakery, and numerous collaborative partnerships with local organizations and community groups.  This has all been a result of the generous donations from our church community (that is YOU) through our annual operating budget and two capital campaigns.


We would certainly like to continue this positive momentum.  In planning for 2023, church leadership has determined two necessary streams of giving.  One is to continue to support our mission (operating) budget, and the second is to contribute to paying down the principal of our construction loan (currently at $348,000).  Our goals are as follows:

Commitments totaling $205,000 towards our OPERATING BUDGET for staffing, facilities, ministries, and general expenses;

Commitments totaling $120,000 towards a CAPITAL FUND to cover monthly payments of loan interest and principal (~$20,000) and additional paydown of the principal ($100,000).  In meeting this goal, we will pay off our existing loan in three years.

Note that contributions to the capital fund are commitments above and beyond our annual commitments to the operating budget.  We did not feel that it was time for a full (third) capital campaign, but believe that ongoing commitments towards paying down our loan principal would be advantageous in allowing for more resources in the coming years to be available for ministry work versus debt management.

Here are some additional details regarding our budget, from 2022 to 2023.  Our full operating budget for 2022 is $350,000, which includes monthly loan payments.  We are moving these loan payments to the Capital Fund in 2023, but with other budgetary decisions (e.g., staff compensation, goal of 100% apportionments), our budget for 2023 is anticipated to be around $357,000.  In 2022, the amount of revenue from contributions is $194,000 ($170,000 from pledges).  Our anticipated need for revenue from contributions for 2023 is $205,000, as mentioned above, with the majority desired to come from pledges (about a 6% across all contributions).  The remainder of the revenue comes from preschool contributions, investment income, and revenue from use of our space and our camps and classes.  The renovations made possible by your generosity are yielding increased revenue from the preschool and use of space year over year, contributing significantly to our financial wellbeing.


With grateful hearts, let us consider giving to a greater purpose than just keeping ourselves comfortable.  Where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also.  We feel passionately about the things in which we invest significantly.  Our financial commitment is important to sustaining the many things that we love about the church – together we will pray for our stewardship efforts and, with God’s help, celebrate the possibilities that result from our commitments.  You can make your financial commitment by returning a pledge card to the church or by submitting your commitment online through the button below. Thank you for your continued support of Westover Hills United Methodist Church!