Volunteer Opportunities
Belmont Community Services – Food Pantry
Belmont Food Pantry continues to serve on average 320 families each week. This presents some great opportunities to be in service and also some challenges in having enough help to get this done.  Volunteers are currently needed on both Thursdays and Fridays.  
Thursdays – volunteers pack all of the bags of food to be distributed on Fridays. This work is done between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. All volunteers are required to wear masks and follow safety protocols.  
Fridays – food is distributed through a drive thru effort. Volunteers begin at 7:30 AM with setting up and finish at 1:00 PM. The food pantry guests are required to stay in their cars as food is placed in the trunks of their cars.  
Volunteers are needed for both of these time frames. If you are able to contribute any time you have available, it would be a blessing. Volunteers can sign up here.

Tutoring Volunteers Needed

Central United Methodist, Richmond, VA is seeking volunteers to help tutor some Richmond City school children that need support with their education. This is primarily due to their families having limited resources. They live near Central in the Blackwell neighborhood or near the Manchester area. Most of the children are elementary/middle schoolers. No special educational requirements are needed to help, but must be willing to follow Virginia Conference COVID protocols since we are serving them in the church building. Projected days of service are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during business hours. To sign-up or get more information click here



Pace Center Contactless Volunteer Opportunities
Cards of Hope – Help create cards of hope for those receiving food from food missions throughout the greater-Richmond area. Drop off cards in the WHUMC mailbox or at the Pace Center Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. Click here to learn more. 
Mask Collection – Pace partners with several community outreach programs that need masks. When you make or buy masks as part of Pace’s Mask Collection, you are supporting food pantries, programs helping families struggling with distance learning, and the development of women’s circles made up of immigrants from south and central America. Click here to learn more.