Volunteer Opportunities
Westover Hills Elementary School

This year, we are also asking all volunteers to attend a RPS/CIS Volunteer Orientation, partly because there is so much new information regarding volunteering in the schools this year and because we want to teach you how to manage your own VolunteerHub account. These initial orientations will be held via ZOOM. Use the link below to select a date to attend a volunteer orientation (background checks will be initiated at the orientations):

RPS/CIS Volunteer Orientation

Here are next steps in order of completion:

1) Sign up for and attend a RPS/CIS Volunteer Orientation.

2) Wait for and then complete the CIS VolunteerHub email to complete your volunteer profile.

3) At the orientation your background check will be initiated.

4) Work with your CIS site coordinator to set up day and time of volunteering.

5) Report to your school to begin volunteering- mid-October.


Belmont Community Services – Food Pantry

Belmont Food Pantry continues to serve on average 320 families each week. This presents some great opportunities to be in service and also some challenges in having enough help to get this done.  Volunteers are currently needed on both Thursdays and Fridays.  

Thursdays – volunteers pack all of the bags of food to be distributed on Fridays. This work is done between 10:00 AM and 1:30 PM. All volunteers are required to wear masks and follow safety protocols.  

Fridays – food is distributed through a drive thru effort. Volunteers begin at 7:30 AM with setting up and finish at 1:00 PM. The food pantry guests are required to stay in their cars as food is placed in the trunks of their cars.  

Volunteers are needed for both of these time frames. If you are able to contribute any time you have available, it would be a blessing. Volunteers can sign up here.